Friday, June 7, 2013

Camp Tahkodah

This was Anna's second trip to Camp Tahkodah. She was excited about sleep away camp again this year as she really enjoyed the experience last year. Sophie and Lainie were returning again from her class at school and this year Emily joined the crew. Luckily they all four were placed in the same cabin and after a yummy lunch at the Bulldog Café in Bald Knob, Arkansas, the girls were ready to enter the gates of Camp Tahkodah, find their cabin and unpack their bags.

The camp partially flooded two days before we arrived. While the water had receded from the campgrounds, the bridge over the creek where the campers swim was washed out! Students from nearby Harding University were going to be there to help repair and rebuild the bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge was not complete during their one-week stay, so water activities were limited. The girls all had a great time. They were exhausted on the way home after completing the midnight hike the night before and of course the end of camp fireworks show. So glad that they had a good time, learned a bit about themselves and each other along the way and are ready to return next year!

Anna, Sophie, Emily and Lainie are all ready for camp!

anna with her counselor....anna is taller!!
Caroline was definitely the boss for the week!!

Had a great week! Very tired indeed!

Emily had a great first experience at Camp Tahkodah!


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